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This is a little project I did in the middle of the night.  It was for the Austin Udy Family Reunion.  We were all suppose to bring an item to donate to a raffle to raise money for the cost of the reunion.  I just didn’t get around to it until the last minute.  I started it the day before and thought I would finish it.  Then I went to bed thinking it would just not get done.  I woke up in the night for some reason and couldn’t sleep so I thought I might as well use the time to paint.  I was still painting when I heard a rooster crow and looked out and the sun was coming up.

There is nothing like the Udy family competing for prizes.  We have a blast!  There are plenty of funny comments about what is being won and who is winning it.  They are mostly inside jokes that only the family would get so I won’t bother sharing.  Just believe me when I say, “It’s funny”.  The Udys are a fun bunch and we had a wonderful time.  My Aunt Doris and her family were in charge this year.  They made wonderful pulled pork sandwiches and the decorations were fun.  It was nice to reconnect with my extended family.  My cousin, Craig, won my tryptic watercolor picture.  I won a cute tote bag made by my sister, Susan.  I also won a fleece blanket from Rocky Mountain School of Baseball, which is my Uncle Dennis’ business.