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Sky painted with acrylic paint.

Welcome to my new blog.  I thought I’d give WordPress a try.  I’ve heard good things about it.  Please feel free to visit my old blog, Snow Days Art, to see my previous works.

I’ve been trying out a new technique on canvas.  I start with a base coat of a light color (this time ivory).  Then I do an ink drawing over it.  I use watercolor to paint it in. It is then sprayed it with a mat varnish to make it all stay in place.  It was a fun painting to do. I was pleased with everything but the sky.  I could not get a smooth wash with the watercolor.  The cerulean blue was too sedimentary and went blotchy.  I was going to let it go and be done with it.  Today, when I went back in the studio, I took one look and decided, changes had to be made.  I found a nice blue in my craft paint (Caribbean Blue by Delta) and filled in the sky and the blue spaces between the flowers. Now I’m happy with it.  It’s fun to try new things.  I’m glad I went to the extra effort to fix the sky.  I hope you all are having a beautiful Summer day.  Or, Winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

This was the sky done with watercolor. Before the fix.